Catriona's Garden

Catriona's Garden

The garden has evolved over the last 6 years slowly as there are only two gardeners - Catriona- who does all the creative planting, and Charles who does all the hard work planting olive trees and some summer mowing down of weedsand wild grasses to create paths through the wild areas.
There are three 15m+ long planted wide borders running down the slopes of the garden with small paths dividing the beds.
We have planted as much as possible hardy perennials which thrive on alkaline soil, little summer watering and a lot of sun, as there is very little shade in the garden.
Grasses have done well, especially the stipas, with inter-planting of irises, hemerocallis, achilleas, penstemons, gaura, alliums, verbena and even aquilegias.
Surprisingly, we have been successful with lilies and roses planted amongst the perennials which have taken time to get established but now flower well in the early and mid summer. There is a lot of self seeding which has helped fill the gaps.
Now the garden has become more established, watering is becoming less needed, and we hardly water throughout the summer months, unless new planting is suffering.

We planted 25 olive trees of different varieties and recently under-planted swathes of Stipa tenuissima and S. gigantea (I am a great admirer of Piet Oudolf’s prairie planting).
Around the greenhouses and cabane, where the Cypress leylandii and pine hedges give shelter and shade, are a lot of plants in pots. Hostas and lilies are favourites, and other plants that abhor our alkaline soil thrive here, although this does mean watering almost daily from the canal close by.
Cacti and succulents are also much encouraged to fill areas where nothing else will survive the hot summers. Catriona tests out a lot of plants from seed, before they are allowed into the garden beds and when available has excess plants for sale or exchange with fellow gardeners visiting the garden

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