Catriona & Charles adopted in the early years a family of ferile cats with Mr Bollox - the dad, Mrs B - his wife and their various off spring. Here is their story below....

Before coming to France Catriona created a garden in Dumfriesshire, Scotland over nearly 16 years. It was a walled garden attached to an19thC Georgian manse or vichorage in the Nith Valley. You can read more about it here....

A n old friend of Catriona and Charles has known both the Sanquhar garden and the Jardins des Rossignols. She has written a short essay about them....

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Le Jardin des Rossignols
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'Fête des Plantes Rares et de Collections'
Domaine d'Orvès
La Valette du Var 83160
sam. 14/dim. 15 mars
- * -
'33 ème Foire aux plantes rares'
Saint-Priest 69800
sam. 28/dim. 29 mars
- * -
'Plantes et Jardins en Pays de Savoie'
Journees des plantes au Lac d'Aiguebelette
Saint-Alban-de-Montbel 73610
sam. 04/dim. 05 avril
- * -
'Fête des Plantes'
Marseille 13002
sam. 11/dim. 12 avril
- * -
'Fête des Plantes Rares'
Serignan le Comtat 84830
sam. 18/dim. 19 avril
- * -
'Fête des Plantes et du Massif'
Abbaye de Fontfroide
Narbonne 11100
sam. 02/dim. 03 mai
- * -
'Journées des plantes'
Jardins d'Albertas
Bouc-Bel-Air 13320
ven. 22/dim. 24 mai
- * -