The Bollox Gang

The Bollox Gang

When Catriona and Charles found the terrain de loisir which is now known as the Jardin des Rossignols they had already one cat at their home in Aniane. Within the first year of starting the garden a youngish male marmalade cat with no tail arrived at the garden one day demanding attention for food and a good stroke.
The next day or so, they found under the caravan 3 more faces pearing up with Bollox sitting very proudly on top. The Bollox family had moved in.
Mrs B with her two furry toddlers was extremely pleased with her new lodgings, and accepted Catriona and Charles' invitation to stay if they wanted to.
These were ferile cats but had obviuosly been somewhere warm and friendly as they were willing to be stroked but not picked up.
It took several years before we could take Mrs B to the vet to be sterilised by which time her family had grown to about 10 or 12 cats! Bollox senior had by this time abondoned his family and left mother and children with us.This was becoming uneconomic and potentially a disaster area for all! However, being ferile several cats soon dissappeared to find new homes
( we hope) and gradually the family reduced in numbers to 5.

In 2010 we were amazed to find one day that Bollow senior had returned after about 4 years absence, and has remained on and off eversince. Still unable to be picked up he remains untouchable but one can stroke his head from time to time. Meanwhile Mrs B, Stumpy (no tail) Ginger Nuts, and Smokey all remain in the cabane where Charles has constructed a



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