May through to early September

Temperatures start to rise during the daytime from late April and May and the garden really starts to fill up with masses of plant growth. everything starts to push through and jostle for the best flowering position! Alliums and grasses will start to cover the remaining bulbs still flowering.
By June the garden almost is reaching its peak flowering.Irises, roses,salvias and alliums all at their best. Light winds, maybe some rain but usually very little - the summer drought will have started in earnest by mid June. The grasses now take over in height and drama with the salvias and tall wild alliums which seem to survive the best in July and August. All the garrigue plants such as Verbascums,verbena and lavenders all perform well.

Luckily we have the Canal de Gignac running along the garden perimiter,and careful watering of new plants and essential pots will be done on a regular basis. After 6 years the main border beds no longer need any water, as the plants are so closely planted they have made their own foliage cover retaining moisture underneath.



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