December to early March

One never knows quite when the autumn weather which can be very warm,sunny but usually with wind turns into winter, which becomes more chilly, and colder at night with frosts down to -5 to -8C.Rarely does the frost stay during the day when the temperatures rise quite fast. The really chilly weather can start before Christmas but often it can not arrive until January or February.
Heavy rain is rare after November, so the days can be dry cold windy weather with clear skies, and if you are lucky the day time temperatures rise up to 16C even to 20C.
It can really very beautiful with the dry grasses and evergreen shrubs taking over from the perrenial plants.
January to March the weather can change frequently but the sun is never far away.
Early morning dews bring moisture back to the gorund so gardening at thgis time of year is pleasant and productive.
Snow is very rare and never last long. The photo here was taken in March, and the light snow was gone within 2 days.

Moving and dividing up clumps of grasses, mistakes and wrongly positioned plants, planting last years seedlings in their new places is all part of the fun on a sunny winters' day! Rotivating parts of the wild areas to start new palnting areas, and get rid of the thugs in the weed population. This usually means a new crop of wild flowering scilla bulbs to re emerge and the prettier wild flowers to have their turn to flower in the spring.



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