Catriona has been establishing roses in the garden since the beginning in 2005. The high Ph8.7 has meant we have had some failures along the way and the long hot summers with little water has also prohibited strong growth. However once the roses have become established with help in their early years (watering, feeding and autumn manure) they have started to perform really well and flower abundantly fromp May onwards.
In the height of summer they tend to really retreat into hibernation mode and some lose their leaves in the heat. As soon as the autumn rains come in September and October new strong growth appears and several will be flowering again at Christmas. Very little disease on any of the roses - a very samll amount of black spot..

David Austin's Graham Thomas- soft yellow apricot
David Austin's climber Pauls's Himalyan Musk- profusion pink-tinged white flower clusters
Rosa Henri Matisse (1st photo)
Rasa Banksia white and double yelloos varieties - excellant rampant climbers that need no watering once established
Rosa Complicata - very good in dry situation in full sun - good hips in autumn-and seeds appear to come true to colour



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