the Hartley Botanic greenhouse

the greenhouse

the greenhouse

Catriona and Charles built as soon as possible in the early years, a greenhouse designed and made by Hartley Botanic, in the enclosed area beside the cabane. They have now built a small polytunnel to overwinter fragile plants such as Catriona's growing collection of citrus trees, salvias and various rare plants picked up at the seasonal plant fairs.

Catriona does a lot of her own propogation of plants for garden either from seed or from cuttings.
There is also much grown in terracotta pots of all sizes. Hostas,clematis,some roses and lilies that will only survive in acid rich soil and need a lot of summer water. Cacti and other succulents too fragile to leave out all year surrround the greenhouses.

Catriona and Charles constructed over the years a pergola of wooden beams around the cabane, up which now grow roses,honeysuckle,clematis and wisteria. This has created a cool shady area under which one can sit and relax and entertain.

There are waterbutts at every corner of the cabane and greenhouse collecting rainfall, and this has proved essential to keep going through the winter months from October to March when the canal water is cut off for the winter.

Catriona has collected terracotta pottery from all her suppliers to test out the pottery's frost hardiness and to photograph "in situ" planted up and usally placed around the courtyard area for easy watering. You can view these pottery collections from Anduze, Italy and elsewhere by visiting her web site



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