September to December

This period is sometimes the most beautiful time of year in the Hèrault, indeed anywhere in the South of France.

The vineyards all around are changing colour and the first rains (when they arrive) will bring back an autumn rush of verdant foliage and re flowering of much in the garden.

Roses, salvias (if trimmed back), vebena boriansis all take off again for any few weeks.

Grasses remain dry and wistful in the autumn winds and once the lavender and rosemary bushes are cut back , the neat tight balls all start to replenish themselves. By November and December everything becomes more sculptural and shapely - ready to withstand the winter.

Much in the garden is cut back early in September before the rains and storms descend. This really helps the plants and the soil take up the water they can when it comes. Regrowth can be phenominal in a short space of time, and an autumn flowering right through to Christmas is not uncommen for the roses and hardy salvias.



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