early years 2008 - 2009

early years 2008 - 2009

By 2008 the first two long wide borders were well established with irises, euphorbias and self-seeded verbascums, and much else filling every spare space. No weeding required except in the early spring!

Catriona couldn't resist starting to dig a third long wide border which would be mainly for alliums, cistus, grasses and more rustic planting that would need minimal watering in the summer months.

Catriona also wanted to try some dahlias as they like alkaline soil and despite the hot summers they have survived albeit not as luxurious as one sees in the wetter northern gardens. This border is still developing but so far everything has started to do much better in the third year. Their roots have definitely found their way downwards and found enough moisture to survive the hot months.

The only real problem Catriona has from predatorsin the garden, are the millions ( we mean millions) of snails of all colour shape and size that live alongside us in the garden. Some eat and devour, some just hang on the stems for the pleasure. As this is a wild garrigue garden in the vineyards we cannot control the snail population at all. We just hope there are hedghogs ( we have seen one or two) birds and small animals that like a tasty dinner from time to time. We have now grown to enjoy finding different sorts with different markings...



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