Catriona's Plants

Catriona's Plants

Catriona has listed here her favorite plants, and some some notes about them in relation to the garden which readers might find useful..

Catriona's philosophy has always been to try something out in the garden preferably from seed or cuttings, and see what happens. The heavy alkaline soil ph. has always meant certain species just could not survive and adapt, nor to the harsh hot summer conditions yet there have been some surprises.

Catriona's background and training was in fashion and textile design. Her appreciation and love of colour and texture has meant that her garden plans and selection of plants are been strongly influenced by what she sees in terms of pattern, colour and tactile texture of the plants.

These plant pages and the plant lists are still somewhere between germination and transplanting! They need a year to come into their own.

It is our intention to give you a lot of information based on our direct experience in the Jardin des Rossignols, our observations in the garrigue and vignobles around us and the advice and comments of gardening colleagues and pepinieristes in this region, the south of France.

Once complete the various lists and pages will be interlinked via the plants illustrated and you will be able to view related photographs taken by us that show plants at different stages and times of year and in various locations, grouped in several useful ways.

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