March to late April -
The Spring arrives in the Herault any time from February through to April. After the early spring rains, the ground starts to soften and loosen up after the hard frosty late winter months of December and January.
Bulbs and seedlings of all sorts start to appear, and the long sunny days can warm up the soil significantly and fast.
If the winter months have been mild there is much evergreen planting, and shrubs already wilkl be showing signs of bud forming, and alliums and spring bulbs already pushing up through the soil.

Temperatures of up to 16? C or 18? C are common during the day with cool cold nights.
There can still be frost of down to -6? C to 8? C at night but rarely does the soil become deeply frozen. Wind chill can also reduce temperatures but generally we find we can start to plant and sow seed from March onwards.



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